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Maricela – August Plans

~ ~ maricela ~ ~
en la españa

Hello one and all! Who’s going to join me in August?

DATE: August 26th, 2009
WHERE: Buñol, Valencia, Spain

That’s right! amore eroma will have a presence for the festival and the fight this year and I’m looking forward to it! We will be posting plans for the festival week and for the amore eroma tomate fresco! event on August 25th to top the whole of it off, so check back for details. We’re going to eat, drink and be very merry for the week, so join us! I’ve planned out my outfit – travieso! – and I have been warming up my throwing arm, so beware. There will be tomatoes thrown and targets struck. Do you dare?

Unfortunately, plans for amore eroma’s FRESCO! restaurant have been put to rest after several hundred meetings on the subject. Sometimes, things do not go as planned, but I have high hopes that those plans will change in the future and I’ll be able to make Spain my home again. Until then, I will continue to roam until I feel settled somewhere. Though, I don’t look forward to setting my roots any time soon. amore eroma keeps me pleasantly busy and I’m loving it.

For those following the dramas – Richard DeCoop is recovering from his motorcycle accident and will be returning to the Director position on the amore eroma production of In the Realm (working title) sometime in May. “Bones heal, but my pride is damaged,” he said from his San Francisco home. “I don’t think I’ll be climbing back on the bike any time soon – if ever again.” This came after reports that several amore eroma crew member on the set of Realm begged him not to ride the night of his accident. DeCoop charged the whole thing up to pride in his March 2009 interview – by yours truly – in GQ Magazine. Orsolya Jakabne was quoted as saying, “We’re just glad he’s ok. We’ll try not to tease him too badly when he returns to the set.” In the Realm’s minor set back will not put the films release date in jeopardy.

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Sadly, I wasn’t able to personally meet with David and Iman to talk over the Ultimate Fan Page, but I’m still open for tea if they have any free time.

As always, give amore eroma any feedback or comments your little heart desires! We always love to hear from you.

feliz día! maricela

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