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Orsolya to you

Hello, kis babák! I hope you are all well, alive and happy!

Plans for celebrating Earth Hour were met with cheers and jeers this year. Candles and sweetness awaited those venturing to Délicieux: Paris and Prague’s now gloriously infamous pOp. Energy was saved and the world slipped into darkness as the gas ovens and a set amount of lights helped provide patrons with delicious meals at Earth Saving energy levels.
However, some babies didn’t get the memo in San Francisco! Tisk Tisk! Co-ordinated plans went awry as the lights burned brightly in amore eroma SF.
“No, we thought it was next week,” said one amore staff member. “It’s tonight?”
Have no fear, however! amore eroma will be dimming the lights for this week, bringing a little romance to the hills of San Francisco and making up for not playing in the Earth Hour festivities.

Well, this little one has finally made it out to see this movie WATCHMEN and I must say it rang some bells deep within me. ESPECIALLY during the Owl and the Pussycat sex scene! ME-YOW. Huncut! There was a little too much blood for this little one, but I loved the story and the alternate timeline. It made me want to slip into some spandex and stalk the bad people in this world. Instead, I decided to see some of the costumes worn in the movie!
While visiting San Francisco, I was able to go view the props and things used in the film! I suggest checking them out!

February 21 – July 19, 2009:
Cartoon Art Museum
655 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) CAR-TOON

The Cartoon Art Museum presents an in-depth look at one of the most anticipated films of 2009 and the graphic novel that inspired it in its latest exhibition, WATCHMEN. The exhibition features dozens of concept illustrations, preparatory sketches and original comic book pages illustrated by Dave Gibbons, the co-creator and illustrator of the critically-acclaimed Watchmen graphic novel. Viewers will be able to follow the creation of the Watchmen universe from Gibbons’s conceptual sketches through his completed artwork to the actual props used in the creation of the Watchmen motion picture, courtesy of the Warner Bros. Corporate Archives.

Sadly, I need to fly back Tuesday, so I’ll have to catch up with those I missed at another time. :(

Be good!

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