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amore eroma isn’t just a philanthropic company bent on creating happiness, it’s a feeling. We want you to be happy. We want you to relax. Take a moment to think things through and be exultant.

~~ What is amore eroma?

amore eroma is a website where you can find items that might not be in your line of site ordinarily. The site contains spoiler free reviews of movies, music selections and places you might want to visit in the Bay Area. The amore eroma experience originates from an imagined company with many interesting locations and a colorful cast of characters running it, so there are also some items written from their prospective on the site.

~~ How can amore eroma be used? I don’t get it.

The site can be a big help if you let it. If you are bored and looking for a movie you might not have heard of, you can surf through amore’s movie section and select something by genre, giving new things a try. Keep the site handy on you iPhone for video rental shop exploration or on your computer when adding to your Netflix list!

If you are trying to widen your music space, amore eroma’s music picks might be able to kick start you towards something new and exciting.

And, if you live in the Bay Area, plan to visit, or have out of town guests you’re trying to entertain,  amore eroma has a wide selection of entertaining places and delicious restaurants listed that you’ll want to check out.

We don’t post “bad reviews” on the site, so everything on the site is amore eroma approved and ready for your consumption.

Let amore eroma help you explore!

You’re opinion matters as well. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! We would love to hear from you.


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