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amore eroma Dinner on the Town – A delight!

Hello, kis babák! I hope you are all well, alive and happy! amoreBritney

Well, I think I have finally recovered from the amore eroma Dinner on the Town event. I can not believe how a small twist of fate could open up an opportunity for a intimate dinner among some of the most influential and interesting people in the Bay Area!

Due to several unfortunate scheduling conflicts, many of the Dinner on the Town attendees where unable to attend.

Last minute flights out for the Denwhan Technical Summit in Taipei swiped six people off the guest list with one swoop. There was one missing in action guest who – if my sources are correct – had a VERY naughty detour with his visiting brother and never made it out of the company of three raven haired socialites, a Hummer limo, and about $2450 worth of food and wine down in San Jose. ( We hope to have pictures soon! )  And lastly, I spoke with eclectic artist  Francis A. DaCosta and his special, lovely and speedy girlfriend Fei-Fei Chang via cell phone as they prepared to enter the home of a certain action cinema superstar for a dinner in his Malibu home. “We had to make a call to Malco last minute to let him know we couldn’t make it. Next time!”

Was CEO Malcolm “malco” Johnson concerned with the dwindling guest list? No! He merely had the tables and chairs pushed closer together and prepared to enjoy a little intimate conversation with a smaller, tighter knit group. Savoir faire!


“Things happen, right?” Malcolm said with a smile. “We’re all very busy people and tend to have to juggle. We’ll be able to snuggle up and chat. It’s perfect.”
Malcolm’s wife, the ever glowing Shana Negin, was at his side for the whole of the evening. “I want to thank you all for coming. This is really lovely.” When asked what projects were on her list of late, she said, “The usual. Web design, project planning and political pushes for winning candidates!”

Cafe Tiramisu was aglow in the ever so beautiful Belden Place area of San Francisco. Fog drifted overhead as bundled guests made their way through the crowd and past our amore eroma photographer Mary Rose Moore. We were allowed to take a few photos, but were asked to keep them to a minimum for the comfort of the guests.

First to arrive was technology queen Katie Abeles. Her entrance was met with glances from the more tech-savvy folks around the bar. Autograph hounds were allowed a brief visit with her before the amore team escorted her back to the private bar area. Her husband, 3D artisan Jordan Abeles, followed close behind. He stopped briefly to sign a few autographs and one bare shoulder of an enamored  female gamer. He shrugged with his “Jordan smirk” and joined the group at the bar.


Lori Guy was only able to make it for a few drinks and well wishes before heading off to the East Coast to meet with some very important (and secret) people. Let’s just say she traded one Wonderland for another. Just ask Alice!  :)

Artist and musician Gustaf Fjelstrom took a break from work to venture up from the South Bay with his lovely wife, sports enthusiast and philanthropist Christine A Fjelstrom.
“Aren’t you cold in that Bay water when you are swimming in those amazing races out there?” I asked as she passed signing the bicep of a young teen. “Um…heck ya!” she said with a laugh.
More autographs were had as well as some dueling photography as some over enthusiastic fans took pictures as Gus took aim and snapped a few photos of them in return. Snickers and clapping ensued as they made their way back to the bar.

Marketing genius Nhien Le slipped through the crowd and tried to make a quiet entrance, but could not escape his fans who would not let him get away with a simple wave before sitting down. The crowd escorted him to the table as camera flashes lit his way. “Really, you have the wrong guy,” he said with a smile and a graciousness he is known for.

The group chatted for a while and then moved to their table under the heat lamps of Cafe Tiramisu’s outdoor area. The group basked in the warm, fresh air as they nibbled calamari and crab cakes in the candle light.

We joined the group and put the camera away as promised. The evening was filled with company chit chat, stories of past adventures and future ventures (don’t EVEN ask me to tell!), and so much laughter my sides ached.


I can not wait for the next amore eroma event. Everyone was so lovely and friendly that the whole evening was as sweet and wondrous as the Profiteroles Della Casa
with vanilla ice cream that I had for desert!

All for now, my Lovelies!

Be good! Orsolya

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  1. Ms. Fei Fei says:

    Alas dear Malcolm, it sounded like the amore eroma dinner party was a delight. Pity we could not join you as my brave Francis ended up performing mouth to mouth resuscitation on said “certain action cinema superstar’s” 80 year old grandma who passed out from too much romping with her grandchildren at a West Hollywood discotheque (forgot the name). Suffice to say, after yours truly speedily dialed 911 and we made sure grandma was all right, Francis and I wearily departed to crash in our hotel room at the Roosevelt. Oh and you know how ghastly and long the drive is in L.A. Please send our regards to sweet Shana and yes, we look forward to the next amore eroma event. Congratulations on getting this site up and running and the parties happening! Looks fabulous!

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