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Bourbon and Branch

Bourbon-and-BranchBourbon and Branch
501 Jones Street San Francisco, CA 94102

Bourbon and Branch is the place to go of you’re looking for a truly unique and immersive experience. You need to start by visiting the site which is beautiful in itself. Once there, you make a reservation for a date, time and how long you would like to stay. This step is important – plan it out well because they will wrap you up and out at that time. After setting the time, you’ll get an email with a password. Yes, a password. See, the place is set up 1920’s speakeasy style. FUN! When you roll up to the large, plain door, you’re asked for the password before being let in. I love it! Have no fear, if you can’t get a reservation, you can still try to get in using the “LIBRARY” password which allows you into a more general seating area if there is space available.

I recommend the reservation option. The tables are cool and stylish and the atmosphere is a delight. They play period music and have the lights down low to really set you in the period of the sneaky, speakeasy. Top things off with dressing in a more “dressy” fashion to lock the time there in and you’re set.

Ideal for out of town visitors or a date you’re trying to impress. Just be sure to expect a healthy bill at the end of your time – the drinks run around $12 a pop, but are some of the best in the City.  Mixed drinks with top shelf ingredients and Tenders who aim to please. A must go!

House Rules

* 1. Please Speak-Easy.
* 2. No standing at the bar.
* 3. Patience is appreciated.
* 4. No cell phone use.
* 5. No camera use.
* 6. Don’t even think of asking for a ‘Cosmo’.
* 7. Smokers, use back door.
* 8. Please exit Bourbon & Branch briskly and silently.

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