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Délicieux:Paris – Closing it’s doors?

Hello, kis babák!

After years of providing fantastic services and fine food, it looks like Délicieux:Paris is going to be closing it’s doors…and moving to a new, larger location! That’s right, Délicieux has finally reached it’s goal of becoming one of THE places to go while visiting Paris. So much so that it needs to expand.
This is what we hoped for all along,” says host Julé Morteu. “It’s a good problem to have – too many people wanting to partake of your establishment. Right? So, we are moving close by, but it is a much larger space with more separation between the club and restaurant. I think this will help to provide a more pleasant atmosphere.

Délicieux is going the way of Prague’s hit pOp – the highly popular nightspot in the Czech Republic. Expanding it’s space, but keeping it’s fine food and atmosphere.

Stars in my eyes: Délicieux
Dianna Agron took a break from Paris Fashion Week to slip into something a little more comfortable – a side table, a dark stranger,  lobster and a bottle of Chteau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac. She danced the night away in style, then slipped out into the rain with a quick stop for photos. Her beau remained in the wings.

Model Elisa Sednaoui decided to skip dinner to dive directly into the dancing. Kick up those four inch heels!

The Prince of Pop Ali Zafar arrived among a flurry of autograph seekers during Délicieux Démence and seemed to have a very good time. Dining was followed by quite conversation with his group in the Sanctuaire over drinks. Zafar seemed to prefer watching the dancing over partaking himself. We all need a night off once in a while.

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