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Délicieux:Paris Goings on ~ Feb2009

Délicieux:Paris Goings on
by Orsolya Jakabne

Célébration Fête Nationale 2009
Exciting times around amore eroma, kis babák! We’re seeing some pretty amazing changes in the offices of Délicieux! Scope creep has seen some rather large scale changes coming from some rather small scale happenings. After the bomb threat in 2008, we’ve had to up our security and that’s made some people very upset. The simian asswipe that thought the threat was a good idea was caught, but his legacy of hate has made it difficult to manage security as a whole at Délicieux. We’ve tried to keep things normal, but are honestly afraid of lowering our standards in today’s harsh economic climate.
Sadly, Célébration Fête Nationale 2009 has been canceled this year. We cannot risk another event going awry this July. HOWEVER, we are planning to roll out some smaller events to ease the pain and keep our Délicieux:Paris patrons happy, healthy, well fed and dancing! Stay tuned.

Stars in my Eyes: Délicieux star sightings
Luc Besson (1997, The Fifth Element, The Transporter) shared a quiet meal with friends recently. He loved the strawberry mousse!
Mr. and Mrs. Depp dined and danced the night away, slipping away into private as the crowds tried to peep respectfully. Yes, Délicieuxites did very well giving Johnny and Vanessa their privacy. Good form. Thank you! The illusive and beautiful couple seemed happy to have their privacy and seemed very happy with their surroundings.

pOp v. Délicieux ? Nem! (No!)
No, kis babák! amore eroma’s pOp in Prague is NOT fighting it out with Délicieux. We’re not sure where this rumor was started, but there is no validity to it whatsoever. amore eroma is a happy family and Paris and Prague will not be going to war any time soon. As a matter of fact, we’re working on a Cross Pollination project that both bistros will benefit from! Stay tuned, Babies!

béke, szeretet, a gondozás ~ Orsolya

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  1. Carrie Glassmeyer says:

    the real question is, how many combo’s of faces is used to morph into one?????



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