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District 9

District9DISTRICT 9 (2009)


Neill Blomkamp

DISTRICT 9 was spot on on so many levels that it’s hard to keep track of for me. There is the technical side of the film and how it was made with the script, acting and technology playing key roles. Then you have the social messages about human beings and how they treat and mistreat each other. Then I think there is another very interesting aspect of the film – the polarization of it’s audience which, in it’s own way, shows how humans function overall.
The technical side of DISTRICT 9 is easy to praise. Ever since I saw the short film this movie was based on (Alive in Joburg 2005) I’ve been fascinated with it. The concept of aliens being treated like we treat so many of our own kind and the fact that humans seemed to have no problem banding together against them really struck home for me. The 3D elements sold the story and were used as seasoning for the story, not the main course which was another huge selling point for me. After seeing DISTRICT 9, I was very happy to see that they kept that feel going with the larger budget and Peter Jackson backing. DISTRICT 9 is a testament to the value of story over explosions.
The acting was fantastic and helped to sell the amazing story and special effects work. After about 15 minutes of watching the film, I stopped thinking about the hours spent on the effects and started focusing on the intense storyline and characters.
The social message of the film is simple and doesn’t get preachy or heavy handed at all. This helps drive the main point home without building a wall of soapbox preaching between it and it’s audience. And I think people will get it’s message if they think about what is being said for a moment or two. We treat people like the characters treat the aliens in the film. When there’s something we want, we’ll take it and will not think twice about an area, it’s inhabitants, or the conditions we force them into.
As for the film’s effect on people, I was shocked that I had talked to people who loved the film whole heartedly and people that hated the film and thought it to be silly and a waste of time. In tonight’s showing alone, there where people like my wife and I that sat speechless as the credits rolled and contemplated what they just saw while others laughed and talked about falling asleep because it was such a bore. Quote: “I didn’t fall asleep in ALIEN! Man….” She liked ALIEN – go figure.
This goes back to my point about people and the way they treat each other.
DISTRICT 9 was an amazing film that I highly recommend seeing in the theater on the big screen. Do you best to look beyond the cool special effects, wondrous acting and positive message…and think about what it really means to be a human being.


Creative Screenwriting Podcast – fantastic podcast about District 9. Creative Screenwriting from Jeff Goldsmith is one of the best movie podcasts around.

Peter Jackson – District 9 Comic-Con Q&A (mp3 file)

The District 9 panel at 2009’s Comic-Con featuring; producer Peter Jackson, writer-director Neil Blomkamp and star Sharlto Copley

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