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Dog Soldiers

DogSoldiersDog Soldiers  2002
Neil Marshall  (DOOMSDAY 2008)

DOG SOLDIERS is one of my favorite werewolf films right along greats like American Werewolf in London and The Howling. It’s not exactly as great as either one of these films mind you, but it is fun and entertaining.
Marshall’s style shines through as he tells the tale of British army exercises gone horribly wrong in the Scottish Highlands. Soon, boring maneuvers turn into a life and death fight between man and beasts.

The werewolf designs and PRATICAL wolf costumes are great and Marshall shows them often. They are not hidden away in shadows, though some may say they should be a bit more hidden than they are. Some of the people in costume look like they might be having a hard time seeing where they are going. Practical effects look much better than computer generated effects especially when the budget is smaller. The wolves look better than the recent CGI efforts in I AM LEGEND. There are times where the acting is a tad thin, but things roll along at a fantastic clip and I didn’t really mind.

All in all, DOG SOLDIERS is a top notch werewolf film and a must see for werewolf fans and monster movie addicts!

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