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Double Feature: Sisters

Sisters (1973) Brian De Palma

Margot Kidder of SUPERMAN fame stars in this De Palma classic about conjoined, orphan sisters raised by nuns and separated after years of being together. One sister has always been the happy one. The more normal of the two. The other is a depressed, sad girl. Once separated, the sibling rivalry that has always existed to a point becomes more and more painfully apparent.
This is mint De Palma in the 70s. The story is told in an almost noir detective style. The De Palma shooting style is all over the film and split screens and multi angles abound. Kidder musters up a French accent for the film and does a better job at it than Keanu Reeves did with an English accent in DRACULA, but it still slips around a bit from time to time.
This is a pretty strong De Palma story and screenplay and has all the earmarks of it. When looking the movie up, it looks like it’s the first in the mainstream horrors that he made starting in the 70s with this film, then moving on to PHANTOM OF PARADISE, CARRIE and THE FURY. Unlike these three, however, SISTERS is based in reality and has more of a real world feel to it. It also has distinct shades of Roman Polanski’s 1965 hit REPULSION and strikes a cord that is equally uncomfortable.

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