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Drag me to Hell


Drag Me to Hell (2009)   Sam Raimi


“Well, welcome back Sam Raimi – we missed you terribly!

DRAG ME TO HELL is a return to form for Raimi and has all the elements fans of the EVIL DEAD have grown to miss over the years of somewhat mainstream films he has been part of of late. I liked Spiderman I. Spiderman II was pretty ok as well. But, what happened during III? Did he loose as bet? Was he on a bender?

Well….enough of that! He’s back! BIG HUG!

DRAG ME TO HELL was an amazing thrill ride from start to finish. We jump along side poor Alison Lohman as she starts another day at the bank and fights it out with another employee for a prime, high end spot that has opened. She’s told that, if she wants the job, she has to be a little tougher. Makes tough choices. Well, she picks the wrong person to start making those choices with. If you’ve seen the trailer, you know what’s what. A CURSE, BABY! And, it’s a bad one.

We’re tossed around like rag dolls in this story. Fantastic sound design, a solid story, and some genuine shocks and scares run through the whole of the film. And, best yet, that sick, slightly off Raimi humor is back as well. (No, not “Peter Parker dancing around like a dork” sillies. Good stuff!)

I’d say the one downside was the departure from practical special effects. There were some practical (real) effects for sure, but there were also a fair amount of F/X that looked added in and added in poorly – almost an after thought. I still like the old, “toss it at the actor” goo and all more. Obviously more real than 3D goo and things. But…oh wellz.

It still didn’t distract from the sheer fun this movie offers. See it at once!

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