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Gerry Anderson

The amazing Gerry Anderson!

Amore eroma thought it was time to highlight some of Mr. Anderson’s work. He was the mastermind behind some great television and engineered some rather amazing gimmicks. One of his crowning achievements was his role in SUPERMARIONATION. This was a puppetry technique developed by Anderson and his second wife Sylvia Anderson. The puppets were large and their vehicles and sets were massive undertakings. I believe the cost per episode was around £25000.

It was a thrill to see shows like THUNDERBIRDS and CAPTAIN SCARLETT as a child. Seeing the puppets move and talk was amazing. The story lines were exciting, well written and engaging. Edge-of-your-seat thrills were packed into every show. The vehicles were fantastic and their designs were top notch. The designers even got an OK from ROLLS-ROYCE Motors on their Rolls design for the Thunderbirds show. A rather major complement to their team.

Now, enjoy a little Anderson! And, as always, make sure you share if you have childhood memories of the shows yourself.

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