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amore eroma » News, Happenings and Events » láska Verushka: May 31, 2009

láska Verushka: May 31, 2009

Ahoj všichni! Hello!

Verushka here with more news about Tanec Praha (“Dance Prague”). I can not tell you how excited I am about seeing Montalva Hervieu and their presentation of “Good Morning, Mr. Gershwin” June 2nd and 3rd! For those attending, we’ll be meeting at pOp for dinner at 5:30pm. (Make sure you make reservations – spots are going fast!) amore eroma will provide transportation to and from the event via the amore autobus in the usual amore eroma style. As a special treat,
pOp will have a special Tanec Praha menu and some special surprises in store! We’ll venture to Music Theater Karlín after dinner, then head back to pOp afterwards for a nightcap and after party – transportation, dinner and after party all included in the pOp cost!
Remember, this is the last event Biennale de Lyon, and most likely the dance season in the Czech Republic. You can’t miss it!

Tickets for the show and the dinner are separate! You must buy pOp tickets AND Music Theater Karlín tickets. Buying tickets for pOp will not automatically get you into the theater!

~~~ Madonna? Oh yes, Baby! ~~~

Madonna…in the flesh! Yours truly, Verushka, will be seeing the legend in the delicious, dancing flesh in August. I have two tickets to give away as well, so you better be nice to me!
I must be honest – at first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go. Like many others, I grew up listening to her and her modern, amazing music. She was in the mix and making things happen and provided the soundtrack to my young life. Now, much older, she’s still trying to rock the party and I just was not sure that I wanted to see it. Would she remind me of my mother now? Would she still be able to get me dancing? Starý tanec?

No no! It looks like this will be a super fun show!


I think the show will be amazing. Marco Paterier and I will be there with bells on. Will you be one of the lucky ones joining us?

August 13 2009: Madonna
Madonna’s ‘Sticky & Sweet Tour’ goes back on the road summer 2009.
Time: 20:00
Price: 995-7995 czk
Where: Chodov Natural Amphitheatre


láska Verushka

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