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Lust Caution

LustCautionLust Caution (Se, jie)    2007  Ang Lee  (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2000)

Tony Leung  and Wei Tang are on fire in this period drama about an attempt to assassinate an important official in Japanese-ruled Shanghai. To capture the official, the would-be student assassins need bait – a beautiful woman to snare him so they can get close enough to do the deed.
While the main plot involves the planning and work involved to get close to the official, the real story involves the relationship that develops between Leung and Tang while all around them Shanghai is on fire with an atmosphere of political unrest and high tension. Tang walks the line between love for the man she was asked to seduce and  the need to follow through on her part of the bargain to make sure her friends are kept out of danger.
The film is filled with tension and high emotion. The story is somewhat simple, but the acting, costumes and cinematography is amazing. And, of course, there is the somewhat lurid draw of which version to see. I purchased the R rated version at Best Buy for a mere $4.99, but was told later on that I SHOULD have purchased the UNRATED cut which boasts more of the sexy scenes that had audiences gasping. The R rated one is far from tame, so I can’t imagine what the UNRATED version shows. ::blush::
Sex aside, the movie is beautiful and classic. Fantastic.

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