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malco on remakes

There’s a list of remakes now that is ever growing. Directors and studios remake tons of movies each year for various reasons. Updating something from the past, “revisioning” movies that have done well in the past, a “reboot” of a series and, of course, for money. Cold hard cash will drive a company to reshoot a popular film that has come out a mere year before. Sometimes this pays off, but sometimes it produces trash that doesn’t equal the original. Personally, I think I could do without them, but then I see something like 2004’s DAWN OF THE DEAD remake and I rethink the whole thing.

The new DAWN did it right. They took the general premise – a small group walling themselves up in a mall after zombies rise – and added some modern fun to the mix. I thought it was an amazing, well paced re-do and I loved it. But, this was a film that was remade 26 years after the original. I find that to be an acceptable time frame for sure. 25 years should be the cap.
Robert Rodriguez is remaking the classic BARBARELLA. Sure! Sign me up. I trust him. Give him a remake of a classic, campy, sci fi genre film – no problem! I’m sure he’ll bring a wonderful new look to the film. Why remake the ever awesome A TALE OF TWO SISTERS (The Uninvited – 2008) and wreck it with B-list American actors and actresses and botch the whole of it? It was a DAMN FINE FILM and was in no way, shape or form in need of a remake, IMHO. :) Why remake 2007’s brilliant and creepy [REC] one year later (QUARANTINE – 2008) to failed box office results? Why not just release [REC] the way it is to American audiences?

Maybe it’s the money.

Maybe it’s the possible hit that may come of it.

Brian De Palma’s SCARFACE in 1983 was a remake and it was a huge hit for the studio. It’s still a film that is held up as a modern classic and i bet it’s still making money for the company. The romance hit YOU’VE GOT MAIL was a remake of a film called The Shop Around the Corner. I loved OCEAN’S ELEVEN which was also a remake.

Then why the hell am I against remakes in general? I think I just want to see something new.

Can we put in orders for films we’d like to see remade somewhere? I’d LOVE to see a good remake of the awesome William Castle film THE NIGHTWALKER from 1964! It works if we’re holding to the 25 year law as well. Slap Anne Hathaway into the Barbara Stanwyck role so she can break a little further away from her current image of “princess” or “bride’s maid” and let her try out her range and sink her teeth in. Christian Bale and Johnny Depp would round out the cast nicely. Hell, maybe I’ll redo it myself! Can someone get me telephone numbers for Hathaway, Bale and Depp and loan me a few million dollars?

Dark Castle Entertainment is a division of Silver Pictures whose name pays homage to William Castle, a brilliant horror filmmaker from the 1950s and 60s who was a master at selling his films. When Dark Castle was first formed, it’s goal was to remake William Castle’s horror films, but after two Castle remakes, it moved on to producing original material, along with remakes of non-Castle films.

There MUST be other stories out there in the world. Other authors and screenwriters that have tales to tell us. It seems like remaking things is taking another slot one of these people could use to get their story out.

Of course, then we might be subjected to another Norbit.

Hmm…never mind.


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