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Mama’s Royal Cafe

Mama’s Royal Cafe
393 Miller Ave
Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415) 388-3261

I’m usually not a breakfast guy. On average, my day starts with toast and a cup of coffee – NOT in that order. If I don’t make it to the toast so be it. I’ll just make sure I get lunch earlier. However, when I do make it out for breakfast, I know what I like and how I like it and need it to be presented in a certain way. MAMA’S CAFE in Mill Valley manages to hit the mark every time.

As usual, we’re not talking about a Denny’s or IHOP chain here. We’re talking about a unique and fun food experience. MAMA’S special vibe is obvious from the time you enter. Items adorn the walls. Each table has it’s own look and feel, but the arrangement isn’t jarring or disjointed. It’s as fun and playful as their menu that’s laid out like a wacky newspaper with food items listed side by side with fantastic artwork and fun writing. My personal favorite is the Casablanca booth adorned with images and a private feel.

The food itself is amazing. It has a homestyle feel to it and always manages to please. They create fantastic breakfasts that range from the standard pancakes and fruit to the wonders of special omelette dishes. They also cook up a mean burger and other lunch fair and have live piano music from time to time.

MAMA’S is perfect for a family breakfast on the weekend, entertaining guests, or just going somewhere to eat and read the paper. Delicious.

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