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amore eroma » Movies » Mini-Movie List: THANKSGIVING


Are you looking for a little something to watch to ring in Thanksgiving?

Well, here are a few little somethings that might be fun to watch!


Home for the Holidays (1995)

Holly Hunter spends the holiday with her family – for better or for worse. I remember seeing this and thinking about my relationship with my family. It’s a fun, light film. Also stars Robert Downy Jr.

House of Yes (1997)

A personal fave of mine, House of Yes is a strange, demented little “dramady” that has a great, play-like feel and some fantastic performances. Parker Posey turns in a fantastic performance as a complete nut. I love it. Her brother is coming home for Thanksgiving…and bringing his new fiance’. That equals trouble.

The New World (2005)

A beautiful film about the holiday Thanksgiving – or “The beginning of the End” as I like to call it. Slow pacing, but a beautiful film. It’s like watching fine art on film. Amazing.

Picture 3

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)

Come on – it’s Charlie Brown. You can’t go wrong. I feel emotion in my bones when I see a Charlie Brown film. It’s a visceral experience. Try it.


Pieces of April (2003)

Poor April tried to pull together Thanksgiving dinner for her family among a series of mishaps and small disasters. What better way to introduce your estranged family to your new, black boyfriend?


Dutch (1991)

Spoiled brat, meet Dutch Dooley. He’ll be driving you home for your mom – his girlfriend. It’ll be a good opportunity for you two to meet and get to know each other. :) Fun little buddy film.


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