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Pete’s Dragon




Directed by Don Chaffey

I was a mere eight year old when PETE’S DRAGON first came out in 1977. I remember going to see it with my mother not really knowing what the heck I was about to see. I hear the songs now and I get misty eyed. It really was a huge hit for me when I was a kid. My parents really helped to foster my love of films by taking me to them often. PETE’S DRAGON was a magical, musical ride.

It tells the story of Pete and his magical dragon friend Elliott. Pete and Elliott are best friends and spend lazy afternoons having fun. Everything isn’t perfect, however. Pete has an evil adopted family and an wicked snake oil salesman after him and his dragon friend. Only Helen Reddy and Mickey Rooney really care about Pete and his good will.

This musical is a load of fun and fantasy as Pete adventures with the lovable Elliott in this live action plus animation childhood hit. This film was nominated for 2 oscars, believe it or not. I remember listening to the soundtrack as a child, playing side A and side B of the record (yes, a RECORD) over and over while I sang and danced around the room.

If you’re looking for something for the kids, try out this fun little romp through childhood fantasy! I find movies like this to be SO FAR SUPERIOR to what kids are being fed these days. I think a lot of it is just my personal relationship to the films, of course, but it just seems like most of the kid movies out now are just eye candy and fluff.

Try out Pete’s Dragon for yourself and let me know what you think!

Now…how about a song?!



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