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Pineapple Express

PineapplePineapple Express (2008)
David Gordon Green (Suspiria remake in 2010)

Seth Rogen and James Franco star in this modern day Odd Couple pairing that tells the tale of two potheads who get involved in a drug war. The story is thin in the beginning and I was ready to turn it off during the first act. It was more Seth Rogen delivery and tons of pothead humor. The drug dealing baddies and bad cops are wooden for the most part. It’s just silly.

Then the movie takes a major turn. The slow and goofy pace gets turned up and things start going wild. Fires, gunfights, and major damage breaks this film out of the normal drug humor and takes it to a new level. I was laughing out loud at the obvious video game references and over the top action and slapstick humor.

This is a great party film and does deliver on the laughs.

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