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Rachel Getting Married

Directed by Jonathan Demme

When I watched Rachel Getting Married the first time, it ran over me like water. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, it was just a little more than I thought it was going to be and, frankly, it bummed me out a bit. I thought I was in for a comedy. Something along the lines of Father of the Bride that would have me giggling, laughing, and a little misty at the end as the syrupy sweetness dripped from the screen. But, RACHEL is not that film. When you are expecting big laughs and giggles,  chuckles, tension and good drama can be a bit of a downer at first. But, after sitting with it a while, it’s grown on me a lot.

While the movie does have some funny moments, it’s a real look at a family with some troubles in their past presented in a real, almost documentary style at times. Rachel is getting married, her sister Kym is coming back from a rehab facility to attend, and there are some skeletons in the family closet that are definitely getting ready to fall into the open.

Rosemarie DeWitt is both charming and horrid as Rachel. Not quite “bridezilla”, but not a saint either, she plays the character well and managed to illicit both contempt and sympathy from the audience.  It a hard role to play and she does a great job riding the thin line between wanting to pity her and wanting to slap her.

Debra Winger is back as the estranged mother of Rachel and her sister Kym and is fantastic. I had not seen her in a movie in a very long while and she rolls right into this part with a fury. She’s absent and distant and all together bitter – removed from her daughters and their lives.

And, last but certainly not least – Anne Hathaway is amazing as Rachel’s sister Kym. She has come a very long way from The Princess Diaries, making the role of the rehab sister hers completely. She does a fantastic job and is believable as she tries her best to give her sister her day in the sun, but fails at several turns. She’s hard to love, but she had my sympathy by the middle of the film and I was pulling for her to snap out of it, come to her right mind, deal with the serious issues at hand, and prevail.
What I liked most about the film is that it didn’t fall back on familiar cliches – something it could have with this content in a heartbeat. It dealt with some major issues and came close to the “über-drama”, but skimmed across it with a balance and maturity that made it a well rounded and real drama with some cute comedy and romance dashed over it here and there.

Well worth checking out.  It was a very touching and interesting film on many fronts.

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5 Responses to "Rachel Getting Married"

  1. Carrie Glassmeyer says:

    LOVED THIS MOVIE! Worth purchasing, actually!

  2. Francis says:

    I loves me some Hathaway; reason enough to check this one out.

    Tangent: I really like the leetle fairy tale movies that came out recently. One was Enchanted, which was surprisingly funny and kewt and the other, as it relates to this entry, is Ella Enchanted. A great “date movie” (try this one as a double-bill with The Princess Bride), Ella is sweet, funny, and loaded with interesting characters. Some of the casting is a bit jarring (much as I like Mini Driver, I have to admit that she is a tough one to cast and she stands out as especially anachronistic in this movie, but meh: she’s still such a great goof), but Hathaway is perfect. Give both a shot, let Amore readers know what you think!

  3. malcolm says:

    I have not seen Enchanted yet, but it looks like good, syrup-covered fun! :) Elle Enchanted (confused me there for a minute) was something I think I saw a while back. Not bad, true. I think the major difficulty is dealing with the public and an apples to apples comparison. Would I choose to rank Ella Enchanted up with…Aliens? Nope. But, it holds it’s own in it’s weight class. :::grin:::
    It also helps being able to see some of these films with my children. Watching TRANSFORMERS with two wide eyed kids is fantastic. NEW MOON was even fun when I saw that my daughter was SO excited and thrilled about it. Go figure.

  4. malcolm says:

    Right?! It really stuck with me! I need to see it again now that I know what to expect.

  5. Carrie Glassmeyer says:

    Enchanted is fabulous! I love that movie!!!!!

    As for Rachel Getting Married, I think one of the things I really loved was all the music playing by the husband to be’s friends…and when he sang Neil Young at the alter, that was fabulous!

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