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Special Dinner in San Francisco with the CEO?

amoreBritneyHello, kis babák! I hope you are all well, alive and happy!

Exciting happenings in San Francisco! I hear tell that there is a gathering planned for this weekend at the Belden Taverna in the glorious Belden area of San Francisco. Sources and rumors abound, of course, but it looks like amore eroma CEO Malcolm “Malco” Johnson invited a few of his closest and most interesting friends out for an evening on the town. We’re not 100% sure about the guest list, but hear that there are some top notch (and some top secret) folks attending.

Carrie Q from the Belden Taverna was cornered by me last night. “Mr. Johnson was very nice. He wanted to set up some appetizers for his guests and wanted to make sure they were comfortable. He has some people traveling from out of town to attend,” she said under wraps. “He was very concerned about the seating and we’re trying to make sure things work out for the evening.”

When asked if there were any other special plans for the evening, Carrie Q said, “He’s giving something away – something about movies? I’m not sure. He had some other things as well, but wouldn’t say. There’s somewhere around fourteen people or so, so we’re not sure what’s going to be possible in the space. We’ll make sure they have a good time though!”

It’s a relatively early eve for the group, but it’s rumored that the evening may ramble on to other venues after the Belden Taverna. Our camera persons will try to get some snaps to share. I can’t wait to see who will be among those in attendance!

Én olyan izgatott! So exciting! I may try to sneak out of the Ponderosa early to sneak over and sneak a peek myself! It should be a lovely gathering.

Be good! Orsolya

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