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SPIRAL (2007)
Directed by Adam Green and Joel Moore

I heard a lot of buzz about SPIRAL. So much that I avoided it like the plague for a while. I had heard that the less you know about it, the better it is and I wanted to hold to that just to be safe. I have spent too many sad times watching films that I had too much knowledge about. The height of this being the film WHAT LIES BENEATH where a major plot point had been reveled in the trailer ruining what would have been a great film experience. Still love the movie, but it wasn’t what it could have been. I went into SPIRAL with a blank slate save a few Director interviews on DREAD CENTRAL. (No spoilers)

I have to say that I am glad that I went into the film knowing little about it. I won’t be a spoiler-sport and blab about it here. This is a spoiler free environment.

The movie is about a man named Mason ( Joel Moore ) and the life he leads. He’s a sad soul and basically friendless except for an old school friend named Berkeley ( Zachary Levi ).  He’s a socially awkward painter stuck in a sad, gray little job working the phones at an insurance agency. He meets a girl named Amber ( Amber Tamblyn ), but can he work through his awkwardness to make something of the relationship?

Yeah, that’s all ya get! Go rent the film if you’re a fan of the socially awkward worlds of socially inept folks who like to paint.

Adam Green’s other effort HATCHET left me wanting a bit more, but it was fun and entertaining. It was a simple horror film and was very light on character development and story. It was fun, but like cotton candy – you won’t survive on it. SPIRAL has much more character development and story and was a great social interaction piece. Now, it can be somewhat slow at times, but I see this as a good thing. Spiral is a film where you can see the time the writers took in crafting the story. The film lets you meet the characters and understand who they are. You grow to like some and to dislike others. This film does have a slightly strange edge to it and isn’t a horror film, but does have horrific moments too it. (Mainly poor Mason’s difficulty holding his life and social interactions together.)

Joel Moore is given the chance to break free of the slapstick world of Grandma’s Boy here and it’s grand. He really sinks his teeth into the part and makes it believable and sometimes painful to watch. This might be due to the fact that he was one of the writers and directors. :::grin:::  He does a great job here either way. He shows a lot of depth and acting talent.

Subtle nuggets, like seeing everyone who works at the gray office wearing white shirts and dark pants, lend real depth to the film. I think everyone has had a hard time fitting in at one point during their lives. The edge of feeling like a social outcast makes Spiral more believable and  easier to buy into.

I enjoyed this film immensely and was happy that it held up to some of the hype I heard about it. It’s independent gold and is a must see for Indi Film fans. Check it out.

Drama with an edge


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