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Stalag 17


Stalag 17 (1953)
Directed by Billy Wilder ( Some Like It Hot, The Apartment )

STALAG 17 is set in a P.O.W. camp during World War II. The prisoners manage to help certain key prisoners escape. But, it seems there’s a spy in their midst and they need to find out who it is before their system collapses into rubble.

Wilder is able to mix wartime drama with some cute comedic pressure relief in a brilliant way. The tone of the film is fantastic and the characters are some classic 50’s good and bad guys. Tension runs high and the film keeps you rolling right through the the exciting reveal. The writing is amazing and still holds up today save the few 50’s expressions and style of acting.

Fans of war films of this era should check it out at once if they have not seen it. Film lovers in general will like the film’s style, characters and dialogue. It’s a fabulous film.

If you’ve seen the TV show HOGAN’S HEROES then you’re already somewhat familiar with this classic prisoner of war epic – they based the TV show off this movie, boosting the comedy to sitcom levels.

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