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The Class of ‘87 Movie List

bclub~ The Class of ‘87 Movie List ~

“Dude! It was a rad year! No DUH! I feel like such an airhead sometimes, but this list will TOTALLY help me remember stuff BIG TIME. These are some of my fave films, homefry. Bitchin’!”

Ah, the 80’s. These films are like a time capsule of my high school years. The music, the times, and the clothes.

Weird Science (1985) Two teens create a woman one night. Go figure.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) Matthew Broderick talks his best friend and girlfriend into taking a well deserved day off from high school.

The Breakfast Club (1985) Saturday detention. A mix of high schoolers. A whole day to themselves in a library. Discuss. The beginning of the BRAT PACK years.

Better off Dead (1985) John Cusack fails at killing himself, but succeeds in falling in love.

One Crazy Summer (1986) Cusack is back and falling in love with Demi Moore in this wacky comedy.

Pretty in Pink (1986) I think he loves her, but she loves him, and he wants her, but isn’t nice, but this guy is super nice…but…she doesn’t notice him…and…um…wrong side of the tracks…uh…clothes?  Something like that. Oh, and there’s a duck boy in it….I think.

16 Candles (1984) Who will remember Molly Ringwald’s birthday when her sister is getting married?

Real Genius (1985) Val Kilmer classic about a genius high school kid who skips to college. He meets the other genius’ and comedy ensues!

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