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The Fall


The Fall   2006
Tarsem Singh (The CELL)

The tale of stuntman Roy Walker (Lee Pace) telling a story to a little girl (Catinca Untaru) while they recover from their falls in 1920’s LA is pretty interesting in and of itself. Introduce the story the man weaves and its stunning visuals and it becomes a real treat.
Tarsem Singh has a real knack for luscious visuals and amazing colors. He directed THE CELL and managed to amaze me despite the wooden acting of Jennifer Lopez.  THE FALL kept me locked into the story all the way through. The drama that surrounds the hospital and the adventure of the tale being told created a fantastic balance and kept the movie rolling along all the way through. The look and feel was bewitching and spellbinding. The spoken tale contains Dali-like delicacies that are fun, beautiful and truly enchanting. The cinematography is breathtaking and eye catching – drifting through a glorious, fairytale world.   The story being told changes depending on Roy Walker’s mood and is fascinating and sometimes tragic. The idea of what is real, what is imagined, and what lays between is explored in very subtle ways. I thought it worked very well. When people remember things, they have a tendency to spin little tales themselves. What really happened sometimes gives way to what we wished for.
The chemistry between Pace and Untaru was fantastic. They worked together very well and their dialogue seemed very real and natural. Catinca Untaru’s performance was absolutely endearing and fabulous. The little actress seemed like she really believed everything she was doing in the film.
If you are a fan of fantasy and real human drama, you’ll want to check out THE FALL. It’s a lost gem that not even the involvement of David Fincher and Spike Jonze could help when it was released.
THE FALL is a beautiful film.


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