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Valentine Movie List 2011

As usual, amore eroma has some movies you may want to watch his Valentine’s Day. Let us know if we’ve added to you V-Day goings on!

-100 Girls


Cute film about a college student trying to find the girl he shared a moment with in an elevator during a black out at his school. No, this is not an Animal House – like T&A romp. (Well…it does have a little T&A, but….) It falls into the soul searching category. Very well made little romance a la SAY ANYTHING.

- Return to Me


Syrup and cotton candy on a romantic tip. Return to Me is a romance with…heart. Duchovny and Driver fall in love among old timers and married couples. He’s the classic good guy who’s getting over his wife’s death and she’s a beauty trying to hide the fact that she had a heart transplant. Comedy ensues. It’s sweet and campy and filled with good intentions. Looking for something sweet this V-Day? This is it.

- Date Night


Steve Carell and Tina Fey doing what they do best – wacky. This comedy of errors and mistaken identity is fun and silly and well worth a viewing. The writing is basic for sure, but it delivers some giggles and some “feel good comedy” moments that will entertain as long as you’re not looking for anything too high brow. Rekindle the romance comedy fun.

- Frankie and Johnny


Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer made a movie together? Yes, and it’s not bad. Another classic “will they or won’t they get together” plot from the director of PRETTY WOMAN with some memorable scenes and true romance, but nothing too deep. Keep it surface and fun and you’re bound to enjoy this little Golden Globe nominated smooch fest. Keep tissues handy for waterworks at the end of the film. This is a classic, 90’s romantic comedy with all the bells, whistles and “goofy friends of the lead character” we love.

-A Wedding


The lighter and sometimes much darker side of love, marriage and relationships is explored in this Robert Altman classic. It’s a “bottle story” where a family wedding reception reveals that things are not at all well with the family units involved. Some grand performances and spot on Altman dialog and situations make this a fun and wacky film.



This lovely nugget from 1981 stars Dudley Moore as an alcoholic billionaire and Liza Minnelli as a “common person” he falls in love with. Instant classic. This film still holds up with Moore’s insane drunken laughter and Sir John Gielgud’s amazing performance as his butler. Fun dialog and a sweet love story. Well worth checking out!

-Somewhere in Time


Another movie that will warrant a full box of tissues. This tearfest will have you swooning. The late Christopher Reeve travels back in time sans time machine – just with the power of his mind. His mission is to meet the lovely Jane Seymour – the love of his life. But, can their love stand the test…of time. Ok…sorry, but that’s what you get here. It’s SUPER sweet and love filled. PERFECT for a romantic, wine filled night by candlelight.

- Rushmore


Maybe I’m spending too much of my time starting up clubs and putting on plays. I should probably be trying harder to score chicks.” Max Fischer

Wes Anderson’s classic tale of schoolboy love told with his unique flair. A must see – period.

- Play It Again, Sam


Woody Allen…IN COLOR! That’s right – one of Allen’s early color films. Filmed in San Francisco, this film explores a very Casablanca-like set up. Allen’s wife leaves him and he’s forced to get back out in the world of dating. His good friend Diane Keaton is there to help him through and get him on the right path. But, will her helping merely fuel Allen’s love for her?

Filled with fantastic slapstick humor and grand dialogue, this has to be one of my favorite Woody Allen films.

- Turn Left, Turn Right (( http://amoreeroma.com/turn-left-turn-right/ ))


In short, this film will give you insulin shock with how sweet it is. It’s a romantic comedy in the classic Asian tradition. Two people are meant for each other and – time and time again – miss each other by inches. Fate keeps sending them in opposite directions and on a series of near misses. It’s a fairytale and so light it will have you floating above your sofa after you finish watching it! It has some really silly comedic moments in it as well. Fans of When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle type movies will dig this for sure. It helps if you are familiar (and prepared for) Asian film stylings as well. If you like romantic comedies, pick this up. You’ll like it.

Big hugs to you!

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