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Waiting (2005)
Directed by Rob McKittrick

Slipping into the realm of AMERICAN PIE and the many knock offs it spawned, WAITING turned out to be a fun little no brainer comedy with lots of bawdy, beer party humor. The movie follows the exploits of a group of youngin’s that are working at a Chilli’s or Applebee’s style “big box” restaurant and doing what they can to while away the hours of boring work. This includes nasty games, revenge on evil customers and trying to get their coworkers to go on “dates”.

While it’s mostly silly and goofy, it does provide a grand staging area for some nutty fun. The cast seemed to have a good time making it and it has some genuine giggles throughout.  Ryan Reynolds – aka “not Dane Cook” - locks in his usual persona and knocks it out of the park yet again with his particular brand of GQ fun. The humor – while low brow for most of the movie – can be smart and witty while delivering the chuckles. The actors are at the top of the teen comedy food chain, so the performances hold up.

WAITING is well worth checking out if you’re in the mood for some laughter a la potty mouth humor.
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