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“What was I talking about?”

Mark_ColeWhat ever happened to the strange and SO VERY WRONG world of movies circa 1969? Can someone answer me that? Maybe it was the free and easy sixties that lent more of a “whatever, man” attitude to the film stylings. It was a wild ride for sure.

Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly available to watch via the wonders of YouTube.

Here you’ll find the strange little tale of a psychotic family frozen in time with two twenty-somethings dressed as school children and their mother and nanny playing right along. Of course, they’re all completely mad as hatters!

So, what happens with their childish and often deadly games get out of hand? Disturbing sixties horror comedy in the blackest of fashion, of course! Sonny and Girly end up inviting someone home with them and he becomes a “guest” of the family. And, one wonders if he’s not as crazy as the rest.

I miss the strange days of the HYPNOTIC EYE, the MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES, and DR. STRANGELOVE. I feel like goofy fair like YEAR ONE just isn’t on par with the likes of Peter Sellers tearing up the screen as several different characters in madcap comedy about atomic bombs. How can you beat that?

Check out Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly on YouTube! It’s strange. You’ll like it.

Another nugget you may want to seek out while surfing YouTube is BLACK BOOKS.
It involves the misadventures of a bookstore owner with a drinking problem who hates customers and the store itself more often than not. Top-notch Brit Comedy!

Season 1 Episode 1
Part One
Part Two

But, if you only have 12 seconds to spare and need a laugh….

Waste more time.

Yours, Mark Cole ~

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